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KoffCity Worships Koo Ntakra As A God

It is highly abnormal for a relevant artiste to be laud in his own hometown. most especially from this side of the planet (Africa). Maybe, others may act otherwise but it’s just a few out of the lot. The fact that it doesn’t normally happen does not mean it doesn’t happen at all. Some areas see their own as theirs and they feel best to promote and worship what belongs to them.
In Koforidua (Dwumaapo), the capital of Eastern Region (Ghana) hails the prolific rapper Koo Ntakra. He was crowned the ultimate in MTN Hitmaker Season two.
Koo Ntakra got a lot of potentials even most of his colleague rappers find it hard to believe. His rap style is quite unique with his mild voice, descent breathes control and flows, excellent. A typical Akan delivery with showers of punch. All boil down to say; he is really good at what he does.
Now to the main objective of the story. Koo Ntakra is good, we know. The part of it that makes him a god we are about to. The people of Koforidua don’t see any musician worth his standard. They believed he is the messiah of rap in Koforidua and a superhuman in terms of stagecraft.
They see him to be a mega superstar whereas even the entire country doesn’t recognize him as such. In Koforidua, almost all the artiste love to show him respect by shouting him out in their various songs. Kids love him like the toffees mother gets them. The youth especially and adults love him too. His songs are played every day on all radio stations in Koforidua and his voice dominates in radio jingles as well. They put him on all big shows and they sing and rap with him to the end of every song he performs.
I am a big fan of Koo Ntakra but I’m pleased with the fact that people of Koforidua have put him before any other artiste. It is a nice feeling to be worshipped by your natives. O’hail “Nana Koo Ntakra”.KN records.Post by Ican.

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